Am I Fickle?

I looked through my stash and found two summer projects that were possibilities. The first one was a lace cardigan,Blithe, in Rowan Summer Tweed. I really liked this cardigan.

I’ve had this yarn in my stash for at least 5 years. The pattern stitch wasn’t separated for gauge purposes, so I decided to start knitting the sleeve and if the gauge didn’t work out I would change needles.  Do you see all the different vertical lines on the chart?  They cue you on where to start for the different parts of the sweater.  All the sizes and segments work off one chart which I find distracting.

I have to admit I was not feeling it.  The pattern rows start with a yarn over which is quirky.  After three rows I just wasn’t getting the feeling I was going to enjoy knitting it.  I searched on Ravelry to see what people had done with Summer Tweed.  Many people knit a classic top down v-neck sweater.  I think that will be my best bet.  Talk about being fickle, I think I spent longer gathering the materials to knit this project than I did trying it out.

The other project was this crocheted vest, Easy-Fitting Vest. The yarns I’m using is Blue Heron Rayon Metallic and Tahki Dream held together.  It’s worked on a larger hook and it has worked up fast!

I’m onto the edging for the body.  If I have enough yarn I might work the sleeves to be more of a cap sleeve.

It was such a pleasure to sit outside and crochet this weekend.  I watched the dogs wrestle non-stop.  When this picture was snapped Harry was leaning on Boris and got distracted mid-wrestle by two motor cycles going by. The guys laughed out loud when they saw Harry stop what he was doing to watch them go by.