I understand about Indecision

That word always makes me think of the song by Boston, “Peace of Mind”.  The lyric that begins, “I understand about indecision…”  My indecision relates to what to knit (this week) and I applied myself to ribbon yarns.

You know the beautiful, hand-dyed ribbon yarns that are everwhere?  The ones you pick up and say, “I love this, what can I do with it?”

A few machinations later, I have found a pattern stitch I like for those single skeins of irresistible, gorgeous ribbon yarns.  Often they have a relatively small amount of yardage, 100-130 yards.  The pattern I’m working on can be knit as a regular scarf or as an infinity scarf – maybe even a cowl. 

From left to right, Ellyn Cooper Yarn Sonnets, Luna Ribbon, bulky weight, 100 yards. Prism Manhattan, worsted weight, 130 yards. Prism Tencel Tape, dk weight, 120 yards.

Playing with the different color ribbon yarns is food for the soul and really did give me peace of mind. 

Harry’s food for the soul, other than, well, food, is two rubber bones at once. 

Reminds me of the Little Rascals’ skit, “I have 2 pickles”.
What can I tell you, my mind runs in continuous tangents.The best part is that now Joe has the song “Peace of Mind” AND “I have 2 pickles” stuck in his head. 😉