How is this possible?

I’m working on a very easy drapey vest in Tahki Ripple.  The yarn does all the work and it’s awesome.  I love this yarn.  When I sat down to knit this morning, the piece measured about 31″.  I needed to reach 32″ before the next phase of the vest.

I put in a stitch marker and knit what I thought would be 1″ more.  I laid it out, measured and lo and behold it was still 31″.  Seriously?  How is this possible?

I knit some more, so now about 3″ for the 1″ I needed to continue and yes, it STILL measured 31″.  It boggles my mind.  I know this happens to other people and it’s happened to me before. It still is a mystery.

So, I’ll keep knitting 1″ more to reach the 32″ until I actually reach 32″.  Then, watch, it will measure 36″.  You’ll hear my scream if that happens.