I admit it, I’m getting bored.

Happily, I spent most of Mother’s Day knitting and enjoying a beautiful day.  I contemplated the projects on my hooks and needles. Most of them are on needles smaller than a size 4.  I’m beginning to feel the effects of those smaller needles and it’s not kind to the hands.

I feel the desperate need to finish something so I will feel justified starting something new and on larger needles

It’s not that I’m no longer interested in what I’m working on, I’m just getting a little bored.  Projects on smaller sized needles just take longer.

I’m at the halfway mark of the Forest Sprite Vest.  There is little or no finishing involved, so when I’m done with the knitting, I’m done.  This should be a nice sample for the shop.  The yarn is Knit One, Crochet Too Pediwick.  For all you non-animal fiber people, it is a Bamboo/Nylon blend, very nice to work with.

Summer Flies, an appropriate choice given the name, will be the next Westport Yarns knit-a-long.  I shouldn’t complain about this one because it’s only taken a week to knit.  The yarn is Pagewood Farms Verano yarn, 100% cotton.

(As a side note to today’s post, my computer screen needs to be replaced, and I’m using my husband’s computer. I can’t find his photo editing software, so you get a birds eye view of the clutter surrounding my day.)

The pattern is well written and is a great beginner lace project. It blocked out beatifully.

I do enjoy seeing Linen Stitch scarf manifest itself.  This is a great stitch pattern for hand-painted yarns.  It really moves the color along.  I can see doing this type of scarf over again with other colors.
Babette will be a very long term project.  A few squares here, a few squares there.  It lends itself to hand-painted yarn leftovers.  There is no pressing need to finish this one.  I do think that I will crochet it in the sections by number so that I can crochet it together as I go.  It will be more enjoyable that way.

Time to sort through my stash and see what piques my interest.  Definitely a pleasant way to spend Mother’s Day if you ask me.