Intriguing Little Projects

I’ve seen a lot of jewelry patterns lately.  

The only jewelry I’ve knit is Laura Nelkin’s Butin collar, 
this is the sample for the store. 
Mine is purple. I do plan on knitting the matching earrings.
We got in the Interweave Summer magazine, 
they had this cool necklace called a Gingko Lauriat.
 There was also a pattern for knitted bracelets,  
Tiered bracelets knit with worsted weight yarn. 
Another bracelet pattern I’ve liked is Covered Bangles.
For this one, you need plastic bangles to work around.
I like the Ipanema hat as well.  Very doable, 
worsted weight cotton and 18 gauge jewelry wire.
Then there is a free necklace pattern from Tahki,  
Adele Triple-Strand Necklace in Crystal yarn.
 I’m going to make it with this colorway. One skein will make at least 2 necklaces, maybe 3.  
I’ll let you know.
I’m sure there are more, these are the ones that have crossed my path lately.
Like I said, intriguing.