Color Play

I have two projects going now that are a great source of joy.  I love knitting with hand-painted yarn. 

The Babette blanket is crocheted with fingering yarn.  I’m using leftovers of Koigu and any other fingering leftovers.  Even the smallest bit is good for a couple of rounds. 

The squares vary in size from from 2 rounds to 12 rounds.  It is totally addicting.  Just think of all the different color combinations.  The pattern is perfect for an advanced beginner.

 Harry has appointed himself supervisor 
and has decided he is a lap dog.

 Who, when he isn’t supervising, is creating more mayhem.  I was sitting outside swatching for the Koigu Linen Scarf.  I got up for one freaking minute to get a different needle and when I came back out, my swatch was gone.  He dragged it out into the yard.  I played tug of war until I got it back, but not before he unraveled the swatch.

As I began to sort out the tangled mess, he took of with one of the skeins.  I was tugging and tugging on the yarn to retrieve it, turns out I was unraveling it in my effort.  Once again, he is lucky he is cute… and quick.

 Oh, joy.  I spent the next hour untangling 
and rewinding the yarn. 

Needless to say I didn’t make too much progress.  However, it was just enough to see it taking shape.

Both are for classes at Westport Yarns.