Whoosh! That’s the sound our phones and computers make when an email is sent. It is also the feeling when something goes out of your head, like instructions.

Elizabeth and Michelle have both been knitting the Debbie Bliss Big Shrug in Debbie Bliss Angel yarn.  For the majority of the time they have been in different parts of the country and therefore not able to compare notes or projects.  Elizabeth’s blue shrug is noticeably shorter and wider than Michelle’s.  There are several reasons for this:  1.  Elizabeth is a much looser knitter and 2.  She decided to knit hers a little shorter than the pattern called for.

Her real concern was that we (I include myself as I shared the decision) chose to sew the sleeves and then she planned to pick up for the ribbing around the body of the shrug.  Whereas the pattern called for knitting the ribbed border on each long edge before sewing it together. 

There was a moment of real concern (fear) that she was going to have to pull out the mohair seams and not only knit it longer, but do the borders separate.  Imagine that, ripping out mohair seams.  Not a happy vision.

Then Elizabeth tried it on.  It looked fine. She could be done and skip the ribbed border completely.  It would only roll under.  That was a happy, relieved moment. 🙂

She finished her Starry Lace Scarf in Artyarns Silk Rhapsody with literally a couple of inches of yarn left. The yarn has the most luxurious texture.

 Michelle’s, made to order, tank is ready to be seamed.
 Her next project is going to be the Curlicue Coverlet in Qeensland Haze.

 It’s a really interesting pattern knit in one piece but in sections.  A few years ago I taught this as a class.  If you omit the last few sections, it can be a shawl. You have to see the different renditions of it on Ravelry.

 Lauren was in with a couple of minor mistakes.  She worked the wrong way on two projects, so she learned how to unknit stitch by stitch.  A worthy lesson. She’s knitting my Infinity Wrap in Debbie  Bliss Paloma yarn and a scarf for her husband in Rowan Lima. 

Linda finished the ribbed border on one armhole and picked up the stitches for the other.  I love the way the two colors go together.  The way the weather has been lately, she might even get one wear out of it.  Saying that, there will be a heat wave.

Lois’ Gypsy tank has progressed another inch.  We figure she’ll reach the necessary 4 more inches in a month or so.