The Magic of Blocking

 I must say it was very exciting to finish binding off and see Catkin off the needles.  I used the stretchy bind off she recommended in her pattern.  I know people in the upcoming Catkin class have been concerned at how much the first section kind of puckers and pulls in the center.

I soaked Catkin in a little Eucalin for over an hour.
 All that puckering/rippling in section 1 literally came out in the wash.  It smoothed out beautifully.
Section 2.

Section 3.

 The whole deal. I did use blocking wires to make the edges straight.  I pinned the corners and hindsight being 20/20, I wouldn’t do that,  It left little extra points.  They are easy enough to fix with a little water. 
For those of you worried about yardage, no worries, dude.  I had a comfortable amount left over.