I think I mentioned that I’m going to line the Taiyo bag.  This way it will be a little sturdier. I picked up this fabric at the Textile Store.  They have the best batiks.

I really dislike pinning, cutting and getting it ready to sew; let’s face it, I dislike sewing as well.  I figured if I brought it to work with me I could do it on a break and I wouldn’t be distracted by things I’d rather do at home.
Pause for weird dog commentary.  This puppy is so freaking strange.  Do you see how is back leg is just resting on the lab’s hip? 

 Done!  I did not pass go, pick up $200, or knit anything else until I finished sewing the lining and the sides of the bag.

 Inspected by the beasty boys.  
If there was a thought bubble, I imagine it would say… “Umm, I guess we’re done here.  Duh, which way did he go?”  What can I say?  It’s fun putting words in dogs’ mouths.
This bag only takes one skein of Taiyo and will make a cute project bag.