The End is in Sight

All in all Catkin has been a good reminder of the positive results gained by really focusing on one project. 

Let me be clear though; when I say one project I mean one demanding project.  I always have a project on hand for tv/social time.

I have positioned myself at the kitchen table where the light is good and the pattern is set up on a magnetic board to make it easier to follow.  The little man (a/k/a Harry) decided he is a lap dog. 

 This makes me very happy and brings me back to the days growing up with cats.

As the rows have gotten progressively longer, I have limited myself to 2 rows at a time.  Then I do something else for a while and go back.  Otherwise my hands get really achy and sore.  I’ve stopped keeping track of how many stitches are on the needles.  As long as the pattern is working out, I know I’m in good shape.