I can’t tell you where you’re going if you don’t know where you are.

 Michelle is back from Florida and boy did she bring me a doozy, a tank top she started while away.

She had several sheets of paper in front of her.  I asked her if that was the pattern, I knew I was in trouble when she answered “sort of”.  The store jerry-rigged a couple of patterns and wrote an addendum to create what she wanted.  Oy!  The pattern she was “sort of” using had a key-hole cut out in the neckline.  Michelle didn’t want that. 

After figuring out where she was, I had to back out the key-hole instructions to narrow it down to a simplified neck shaping.  That was a trip!

 Her mindless project is the Debbie Bliss Big Shrug in Angel mohair.  Totally mindless stockinette for 39″. Elizabeth is knitting the same one (a little joint enabling occurred while on a road trip)

 Diane is knitting the Strangling Vine Lace scarf by Nicole Hindes with Handmaiden Sea Silk, color Blackberry. She wants to slowly improve her lace skills.  We talked about putting in a life line every so often so if she does have to rip back, it will be controlled.  The Sea Silk is slippery and she could end up losing more than she bargained for.

 Lois is steadfastly knitting her Gypsy tank.  It measures 9.5″ and has to be 14″ to complete it. Go Lois!

 Elizabeth is almost finished with the Starry Lace Scarf, knit with Artyarns Silk Rhapsody Glitter. 

Linda brought her turquoise vest with her for a consult on the armhole border.  She has a limited amount of the border yarn left.   We weighed it into two equal balls so she could knit till the end.  For extra security, she cast on with the main color.  The original plan was to purl back and change to the border yarn.  She opted to knit two more rows with the main color for more insurance.  After evaluating it, she decided she had enough of the border yarn after all.  We ripped it back and started with the border yarn. 

She decided that what she likes about knitting is the ripping out.  You have to love her (sort of) positive attitude.