I had the pleasure of sitting outside for most of the afternoon and knitting/working.  At one point, I heard a bird singing and singing and singing rather loudly.  Finally I looked up and straight in front of me, maybe 10-12 feet away was a gorgeous Cardinal bird sitting in a large bush.  It was in full view.  I was awestruck by how close and vibrant it was.  I fumbled quietly for my camera to take a picture.  This was the best I could do.  I didn’t want to take my eyes off it because it’s not every day you see such a lovely bird so close.  What a brilliant red it was!

I knit to the halfway point on my Taiyo bag.  It fascinates me that this is the same skein.  The bag is worked by knitting half a row of the bag from the outside of the skein and then wrapping the strands and continuing across the row with the inner strand.  It looks like two completely different colorways. I may sew a lining to the bag to give it some structure. 

 is a nice combination of mindless and pattern. Surprisingly it is not on Ravelry yet.  We have it in the shop.  I’m knitting this as a store sample.

Ahhh, my friend Catkin. We have graduated to the third tier. I am loving my color choices and how interesting this pattern is.  This is an upcoming class at Westport Yarns.

Back to the knitting at hand.