Paging Dr. Nancy

 My sister and I were visiting someone in the hospital this week (who is feeling much improved).  Nancy was wearing a casual yet comfortable ensemble that consisted of black pants, a purple top, and a white long sleeved, buttoned shirt/jacket type thing.

As we were leaving the floor we were visiting, a woman (patient) in a cubicle look out at us imploringly and asked if she could go home.  I smiled and told her “if it was up to me, she could go home right now”.  Nancy said “I’m sure it will be soon.”

We continued walking out of the ward.  I realized as I glanced over at Nancy with her white jacket, name tag sticker, and purposeful manner, that this woman was mistaking her for a doctor.  Nancy lost it laughing at the observation!  When she regained control over herself, we let the nurse know that there was a patient who was expecting to be released based on (Dr.) Nancy’s “say-so”.

The next day, this poor woman continued to look at Nancy expectantly.  It got to the point that we considered changing outfits – or at a minimum jackets!