Time to cut the ribbon

I just finished a store sample for the Trendsetter Dolcino ribbon yarn.  The pattern is a free Tahki download, High Line Cardigan.  It is a very easy sweater to knit.  The sleeves become part of the yoke.  There is a little short row shaping.  Not enough to strike fear into the hearts of knitters new to short rows.

There’s an interesting design note.  Since the pattern is knit in k1p1 ribbing, it appears dramatically smaller when you are knitting it and after sewing it together.  It stretches out perfectly to whatever size you knit.

Dolcino is a bulky acrylic/nylon ribbon and you work it on a smaller needle for a dense fabric.

 Meg, a customer in for an entrelac lesson, was kind enough to model it for me.  I think I like how it looks on her better than me!  The sleeve in the pattern are tacked up into cuffs.  I left it untacked to have the option. 

It will be a perfect spring/summer piece and look great over a longer camisole.