What to knit over the holiday weekend?

You know you’re obsessed with knitting when after completing your food obligation for the holiday,

you immediately begin to think about what knitting will be compatible with the holiday family gatherings.  This translates into relatively mindless knitting that can be easily worked while catching up with family. 

I’m swatching for a store sample that might do the trick, it’s the Forest Sprite Vest from Knit One, Crochet Too knit with Pediwick.

I think I can make knitting Catkin work as well, Section 1 is not too involved.

Side note from the puppy wars:  We have company staying over which means I have to work even harder to keep the dogs quiet.  Not so easy with Harry aka the morning gremlin puppy.  I bought 3 new toys for him on Wednesday.  As of today, only 1 has survived the puppy test.  Who knew a wiry little fellow like Harry could annihilate toys so quickly.

Anyway, I digress. I put peanut butter over a couple of his bones, that kept him quiet for a little while,

 then treats wedged into a kong bone which initiated a tug of war, 

then I gave him a virtually empty peanut butter jar.  THAT, did the ticket for easily an hour.

Have a Happy Holiday weekend.