Swatching the day away

I first saw the Catkin shawl at Rhinebeck last fall. It is very striking.  I’m knitting it with Madelinetosh Tosh Sock yarn.  Color A is the dark green, “Norway Spruce” and Color B is the raspberry color, “Lolita”.  
Carina Spencer designed the pattern and it is beautifully presented. To give you an idea of it’s popularity, there are 754 projects and it is in 3,858 queues on Ravelry.
I’m teaching a class for it at Westport Yarns later this spring.

The designer provides a sample swatch chart in the pattern with specific instructions.  Being a “good doobie”, I worked up the swatch.  Since I knit loosely, I swatched on a #2 versus the #4 it calls for.  My swatch was still too wide!  Practically an inch wider than the gauge.  You know what that meant, don’t you?  Swatch number 2, color changes and all.

I went down to a #0 thinking that I’d end up on a #1.  Nope, I was still a bit wider, however I sacrificed some row height.  I’m thinking I’ll be able to block that out. 

Gentleman, start your engines, we are off to the races.  I’m very happy with my color choices.