Flowers in Springtime

The best news of all today was that Mary surprised us at Stitch and Chat.  Elizabeth said it best, “Having Mary back is like the flowers in springtime”.  Next time with your knitting, Mary ;).

 Shirley finished her daughter’s sweater in a perfect red.  Congratulations, Shirley, it’s awesome.

The buttons are totally perfect.

Elizabeth goes through a seasonal review of what is on her needles.  Let me tell you, she has some very cool projects going.  Ahh, I remember the days when Elizabeth religiously worked on one, maybe two projects going at a time.  She would finish one and then start another.  Then she joined stitch and chat was we chipped away at her discipline.

This is Chadwick by Stephen West.

I helped her get the thumb stitches back on the needles for her Forest Mushroom Mittens.  It’s tricky regaining the stitches and not getting caught up in the Fair Isle floats.

Her Vintage Pink Cardigan is knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk.  The shade is a lovely, ethereal pink.  
 This is the swatch for her Rosalia sweater.  This is an incredibly detailed sweater and she wants to be sure that the gauge is totally accurate.  She plans on washing and blocking the swatch before starting the project.
I think a seasonal review of what’s on your hooks and needles is a good plan.  
Do you take stock of what’s on your hooks and needles?  How many projects do you have going at once?  I’ll post the responses…