Just when you think you’re really losing it…

We just got home last night from Boston.  Obviously I’m running all over the house at the speed of light (my brain doesn’t always catch up) doing a million things at once:  laundry, unpacking, and basically getting reorganized.  I find myself retracing my steps to see where I put left the laundry, my cell phone, etc.  I chalk it up to not being in the moment enough to pay attention to things I do on the fly.

In the midst of this I soaked the Diamond Shawl.   Afterwards I brought it downstairs.  Then I went to get the blocking squares and set them up.  After I set them up I turned to lay out the shawl.  This whole process hasn’t taken more than 5 minutes.

I couldn’t find it.  Seriously?  I retraced my steps counter by counter and room by room to no avail.  I KNOW I brought it down from upstairs.  I went up anyway to check.  Sure enough, it wasn’t there.

I retraced my steps again when suddenly it hits me.   We have the front and back doors open for ventilation since it’s such a pretty day.  The dogs are running in and out with abandon.  I think to myself, “Oh, no he didn’t?!”  Oh yes he did.  There on the front lawn is my freshly laundered shawl and the towel.  The Little Man (our nick name for him) is darn lucky it was in one piece.  Otherwise I would have been blocking him next.

See the lovely bits of grass attached to it?

Joe suggested I reprimand him with the shawl (not the exact words he used).  Really?  Clearly Joe was thinking only of the dog and not my shawl.  Yeah, right, I’m going to risk further injury to the shawl by using it to teach the dog a lesson.


I rinsed it off and began to block it out.  That’s when I noticed that there was one casualty to the shawl.  He hit just the spot where I had joined yarn and opened it up.


Thankfully it’s not too bad and looks relatively easy to repair.

The upside to this story, the shawl is (mostly) fine, I’m not losing it as much as I thought, and I don’t have to block the dog.


Oh, and after all that, I found a sock was wending it’s way out towards the lawn.  Ahhh, the puppy years.

He knows what he did was wrong!