Yarn Market News Conference Part One

This year’s Yarn Market News Smart Business Conference was held in Boston at the Fairmont Copley Hotel.  It’s a gorgeous hotel.  There was one thing that made it super special.

Her name is Catie and she has her own bed and crystal water bowl.  Hotel guests can take her for walks.  She even has her own business card as the Canine Ambassador.  This totally delights me every time I pass by her and give her a little pat.

That being said, the conference was outstanding.  What a terrific event for shop owners to share ideas and hear talks from informative and interesting speakers with messages pertinent to our industry.

During one such talk by Rafael Mael, he discussed the importance of videos in today’s marketplace.  He began to show screenshots of knitting you tube videos.  For those of you that know me well, do you have an inkling of what popped up?   Well, I’ll tell you.  The third screen shot goes up, I did a double take and murmured to the woman next to me, “THAT’S ME!”  I politely called out to the speaker that it was me.  Thank Goodness it was a used under the banner of what to do!  It was surreal.

I met yarn shop owners from all over the US and Canada.  As you would imagine at a conference of this nature, all the attendees were dressed in all their knitted/crocheted finery.  I love this part of fiber related events.  Where else can you preview patterns you’ve only seen in one dimension/camera angle? 

Pam, owner of Yarn Love in Hummelstown, PA was wearing Ruth’s Entrelac Butterfly Shawl knit in Noro Taiyo.

Carla from Delightful Ewe was wearing Summer Flies knit in Jojoland Rhythm.

I also saw two  great crocheted sweaters  Petal Pullover and Terra Firma.

I’ve been working on my Diamond Scarf in Ellyn Cooper’s Jenny yarn.  I am ridiculously consistent; it is almost absurd that the knitting bag for my Diamond Scarf matches the scarf.

I now understand why my husband is so exhausted after conferences.  I have been going strong since 7:30 am and it’s now 10:00 pm.  And yet, tomorrow is another day.  No rest for the weary.  That’s all the cliches I have for now.