What drives your passion for knitting?

Diane finished this adorable top down baby sweater and added awesome buttons.  Very, very cute.  The yarn is Classic Elite Minnow Merino and the pattern is Lillie Baby Cardigan.

Her baby blanket looks great.  She wasn’t happy with how her ends looked when woven in.  I’m glad she’s weaving as she knits. The trouble for Diane was that she was weaving both ends in the same direction and she wasn’t leaving enough of a tail.  Easily remedied going forward and we redid the ends she had done so far.

Anna happily started her son’s sweater, Bergere de France Men’s V-Neck sweater, #7, and she is knitting it with Mirasol Hacho.  The pattern book is called Tricot Essentials Knitting Pattern Book 150.

Lois is staying the course on her top down Gypsy Tank.  She is being very disciplined about finishing this sweater before starting another project.  I do not have that kind of resolve.

Linda has tabled her The Patterned Kimono Jacket in an effort to avoid a case of temporary insanity.  It turned out that the mistake she was making on the front, she had made on the back.  We realized that we never fully laid it out so we never noticed.  Big OY!  The clear answer for Linda was to pack it away for a spell and revisit it later this year.

She came into the store and bought a Beaches ribbon in a lovely red/orange color way.  She’s going to knit a spring accessory scarf by way of cleansing her knitting palette.

Linda discovered that until the pattern becomes second nature, it is impossible to knit in the presence of friends having an interesting conversation.  She would be better served in a quiet room (or closet) with no distractions.

We have a back up plan for this yarn!  Linda and I also had an interesting conversation about what she wanted to achieve by knitting.  I explained that some people like to be constantly challenged.  Other people really enjoy mindless knitting.  There is no right or wrong way to pursue knitting (or most hobbies for that matter).  You have to think about what you want from it.

What do you want to get from your knitting?