If the hat fits…

 I am a selfish knitter by nature.  There are very few people who will appreciate (my) hand knit gifts in a way that will make it worth my while.  My father is up at the top of the list.  He loves the socks I make him literally to pieces.  Seeing these beloved socks makes me very happy.

That is why, when my mother reminded me that my dad needed a hat, I got right to work.  I designed this from the top down and am working on a pattern with a formula to design your own hats (for your dad if you wish).

Yes, those are strings hanging down.  I didn’t weave them in yet in case when he tries it on it needs any adjusting.  If it fits, Mom can trim the strings.

Oh, and Dad, this is my way of telling you your hat is in the mail.  🙂

This cute little hat is perfect for preemies and newborns and the pattern is written with three gauges:  sport, dk, and worsted.  The pattern is available on Ravelry here. This hat was knit with Ella Rae Pansies a lovely new cotton yarn that self-patterns in a Fair Isle-ish way.