How Can You Cheat with a Q?

I caught up with Robin today after a hiatus.  She had some show and tell.  She’s modelling her Berroco Lacey Scarf.

 Robin is nearly finished with the back of her Plymouth Kimono.  The yarn is Alpaca from Pagewood Farms and it’s a lovely tweedy blend of blacks and browns.

She finished her husband’s fingerless gloves, knit in fingering weight yarn.  They look really great.  I think this will be the first and last time Robin knits with fingering weight yarn and tiny, tiny needles.

 Elizabeth finished the two pieces of her Piega Cowl.  She knit it with Fibre Company Canopy and a silk-mohair yarn (either Debbie Bliss Angel or Rowan Kid Silk Haze). 

 The pattern is originally in one color.  I like what Elizabeth did with two colors.
 We had an interesting time weaving the pieces together.
She seamed her Debbie Bliss Big Shrug and has only the center ribbing to knit. 

Lois was wearing her favorite and first scarf knit in Noro Silk Garden.  I have to figure out what color this is.  It has all my favorites rolled into one colorway.

She was working on her Gypsy Tank.  She has several projects lined up to work on when she is finished with this.  I admire her self-control to work monogamously on the tank.

Linda is working on her The Patterned Kimono Jacket. Unfortunately she was almost to the neck shaping when we realized that she was unintentionally adding 2 stitches per pattern repeat.  I unceremoniously began to rip it back without warning Linda.  I forget the affect that has on people.  I think Linda’s heart skipped a beat.  Lois told Linda not to look, it doesn’t hurt if you don’t look.
 Michelle emailed in her progress on the Buttoned Cape from Vogue Knitting, Winter 2011/12 in Lang Sol Degrade yarn.
The randomness of the post title refers to an animated conversation between Robin and Lois about their ongoing Words with Friends games.  🙂