My theory on finishing projects that have hung around for a while.

This weekend I picked up a sweater I started sometime this past fall. I’ve designed it top down with set in sleeves. The yarn is Rowan Lima and I’m knitting it in the brioche stitch. Once I finished the body, it got pushed aside for more sparkly projects. This is my next finishing goal.

As I knit on and on.  My mind wandered, as it does, about random things like cleaning out the refrigerator. It occurred to me that finishing projects that have hung around for a while is like cleaning out the refrigerator of foods that have hung around for a while.

Waylaid knitting projects don’t start to smell or change colors the way refrigerator items do. They do prey on your mind the same way.  You keep thinking about how you have to clean it out (or knit it up).  Every time you open the fridge (pass by a project) it calls out to you.

So today I cleaned out the refrigerator AND worked on longstanding projects.  This is a 2 color brioche scarf.  One side is Noro Kureyon and the other is a sparkly ribbon yarn from my stash.  I threw them in a bag years ago because I liked the way the colors worked together.  I started knitting it up as a brioche scarf as a warm up to the brioche class I took at Vogue Knitting Live.

Moral of the story:  Keep your refrigerator clean and your projects current.