That’s Why They Call it Sandbagging

 Sunaina is to red what I am to purple.  That makes me very happy.  Elizabeth, you missed it.  Sunaina did not wear read yesterday with you in mind.  Her nail polish and watch were red.

 She was swatching for the Krazy Kurti class at Westport yarns.

Anna joined us for the first time today.  She hasn’t knit for many years and has chosen the Bergere de France Men’s V-Neck sweater, #7, and she is knitting it with Mirasol Hacho.  The pattern book is called Tricot Essentials Knitting Pattern Book 150.

It took mere seconds for her to remember how to knit and purl.  What’s more, she easily picked up how to knit Continental and played around with the American style for contrast.  It was Sunaina who teased Anna that she had sandbagged us into believing she couldn’t knit. She’s going to continue gauging and hopes to cast on next week.

Lois was working on her Gypsy Tank

 Michelle emailed a picture of her grandchildren wearing the scarves she knit them.  
The look happily swathed in their scarves.