By the Skin of My Teeth

After realizing a couple of weeks ago how many projects I had going, I’ve been making a concerted effort to finish projects. Which is merely a means to the end, the end being starting something new. That is the circle of (insert hobby/obsession here).

As I was nearing the end of my English Mesh Lace Scarf, so was I coming perilously close to the end of the skein.  I should explain a couple of factors here.
1.  This skein of Kid Silk Haze was in my stash without a ball band.  The fact that it had no ball band  implied that I had used some of it for something else.  I knew it was Kid Silk Haze; I did not know if it was a full skein. No, I did not think to weigh it until I typed that line. Bygones.

 2.  The pattern has a specific pattern at the beginning and end, so there was no fudge factor.  It had to end evenly.

Given that it is skinny mohair, I knew on some level that this little bit of yardage was probably more than it seemed.

However, as I knit on, I worried that it would not be enough.  Can you imagine the adrenaline pumping right now as I knit on and watched my yarn wind down to barely anything?  Who said knitting was relaxing?

This is how much yarn I had left after binding off.  I was able to use a lace bind off for almost the entire row.  I like to live dangerously, it was slightly foolhardy given lace bind off’s require more yardage than regular bind offs.  In the end, I had to stop about 10 stitches before the end and continue with a regular bind off.  I really made it by the proverbial skin of my teeth.