Westport Yarns Knitting Retreat, Part 2

There are events all day long at Mohonk.  On Saturday there was a Local Flavor Expo.

 I tried Vegan Cookies, Lucky (Organic Chocolate), Keegan Ales (I liked the “Old Capital Ale”), Tuthilltown Spirits ~locally made liquer, goat cream cheese with cinnamon and cranberries (yummy), and best of all, YARN!!  I was so excited that I stopped knitting mid-row to check it out.

The store was White Barn Farm. Paula had many lovely local yarns.  Her table totally got my adrenaline going.  Unexpected yarn shopping?!  Oh, yeah!

 I was torn between these two skeins of yarn from “Jill Draper Makes Stuff“.  The skeins were very close, one just had a little more white-space than I liked.  It’s a lovely merino yarn with great yardage.

Paula had a kit for thrummed mittens.  I don’t know why, I always throught thrummed mittens were scary, like steeking.  Turns out they are fairly straightforward.
It involves poking bits of roving from the inside out of the mitten.  The mittens start out really puffy and as you use them, the action of putting your hands in felts the roving and they are super warm.  I think Laura Ely might teach a class next year.
There were Flowers by Elissa, who had this lovely display of Aneomones.  This photo is for you Mom.
On our way home on Sunday, Lois and I made a slight detour to the White Barn Farm.
 What a lovely shop.  A great mix of local yarn purveyors and some commercial favorites. 
All in all, a great weekend retreat, sure to be repeated!