Westport Yarns Knitting Retreat – Part One

This weekend marked Westport Yarns first Knitting Retreat. We held it at Mohonk Mountain House. In a word, Outstanding. This place is beautiful and super special in it’s own right. Add knitting and a great group of people, and you’ve got a weekend paradise. No responsibilities other than relaxing, maybe a spa treatment, excellent food, and knitting by the fireplace.

This was the view of the lake from my room.  See that chair in the bottom left-hand corner?  That was a rocking chair.  It was too cold for me to sit out there, however it looked amazing.  My neighbor in the next room was bundled up reading outside. 

Personally, I did not have any spa treatments.  Maybe next time.  I found this wonderful library where I put down roots for the weekend.  Great comfy chairs and wonderfully quiet.

This was the view from my chair in the library, it’s of the fountain outside in the courtyard.

I taught a class on Laura Nelkin’s Butin Collar later in the morning.

The food was included in the room-rate.  The Culinary Institute, nearby, keeps the resort staffed with excellent chefs.  The food was outstanding.  When I saw the dessert table at lunch, my eyes bugged out!  I had to try a little of the ones that appealed to me the most.  No, I did not eat everything on my plate.  I ate half of it and knit very fast the rest of the day to burn it off.

After lunch Lois and I went in search of other cozy places to knit.  We found the game room and played an energetic game of ping pong.  I’m sure I haven’t played ping-pong in many, many years.  It was a hoot.  Yes, hoot.  That’s the word to describe it.

Back to the library again.  This was Lois’ and my favorite spot.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the Local Flavor Expo.