Teaching Classes that Rock with Trisha Malcolm

The last class I took was with Trisha Malcolm, “Teaching Classes That Rock”.  I met Trisha a few years ago at Knitting Central when she gave a very interesting lecture and slide show about each item in the magazine and then discussed color/fashion trends.

Trisha’s presentation centered around a slide show and she gave us a handout that had a copy of each slide.  Smart woman.  This way we could focus on what was being said, knowing that we had all the information to take home.  She cautioned us not to skip ahead in the hand out and follow it in sequence.  That is so true about handouts.  When you receive a handout, the first thing you want to do is flip  through the whole thing or skip ahead while the lecture is taking place.  I was a good girl and stayed with the slide show.

She covered it all, from the first inspiration of what you want to teach through planning, marketing, and of course the actual teaching.  We learned about different learning styles, class extras, and class “management”.

I enjoyed learning about the mechanics of teaching and how to integrate that with the passion I have for teaching.

All in all I couldn’t think of a better way to close my Vogue Knitting Live experience.