Does this look right to you?

 Sunaina takes the best “happy finished projects” pictures.  She looks so joyful, that’s what it’s all about to me.  She’s been knitting hats and this one was (according to her) the best one yet.  Plus, it’s in black!  She hasn’t decided who the lucky recipient will be.

Her next project is the ruffle scarf a/k/a potato chip scarf.  The pattern is a hand written one that’s gone viral.  The yarn she is using is Tahki Victoria.  Of course the color is a beautiful deep red.  Red is to Sunaina what purple is to me.  Sunaina would ask me every couple of rows “does this look right”? Right now the scarf looks like a strange pair of pants for a teddy bear.  Soon enough it will begin to ruffle.

 Linda is almost finished with the back of her Patterned Kimono Jacket.  Happily she had no issues and could just sit and knit.  We reviewed what’s up next and she can carry on with the fronts of the jacket after the back.

As is Linda’s way, she shared her “thought for the day (or moment as the case may be)”.  Linda noticed that when she knits without the tv or radio on that she thinks about life.  She came to the conclusion that knitters must be great philosophers and wondered if some of the great philosophers of history knit.  Could the greats like Aristotle employed knitting as the conduit to their philosophies?  The world may never know.

All kidding aside, I do find knitting to be meditative.  I keep a pad/pen by me to write down any stray thoughts (worth keeping) that cross my mind.  It’s very relaxing.

Donna continues to learn new stitches day by day.  Today we worked on crossed sts, make knot, and knit through the back.  As she’d work along in a new stitch, she would ask “does this look right”?  It takes a while for a new stitch to present it’s pattern.

She’s ready to have a side project while she swatches new sts.  Her girlfriend is knitting the Ruched Yoke T and she’s going to come to Westport Yarns to pick up a dk weight yarn for it.