Manipulating 2-Color Brioche Stitches

That was the name of my next class.  It must have scared people off too because there were only eight people in our class.  Our class was so small in fact, [“How small was it?”] it was so small that we were situated in one of the guest rooms of the Hilton.  Where the bed would be was a large round table.  It was quite cozy.  It was a real treat to sit at the same table as the instructor.

The class was taught by Nancy Marchant, the author of Knitting Brioche
While she talked, she shared beautiful examples of 2-color Brioche.  
Unfortunately, some of the designs were not available yet.
Crossing Over Hat from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2011.
 Cowl Pattern
 I really love this one.  
 I’ll have to wait until it gets published.
We then set about our work manipulating 2-color Brioche Stitches.
 I”ll sum it up in a word:  outstanding!
It was so much fun.  In this part of the swatch, we twisting the stitches.  It wasn’t the same as a cable which would be performed the same way cables are done normally.  There were many times when one of us would as her to look at our swatch to see if “this is what it is supposed to look like”.  Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t.  Then we would get back on track and keep knitting.

This is really frustrating.  The right side up picture won’t upload.  Just turn your head to the right to look at this part of the swatch.  The center orange section is double knitted and the surrounding stitches are Brioche.

At this point we ran out of time.  The last part of the swatch was to be a regular cable.  I am totally inspired to work with this stitch. The class was awesome and I totally recommend it.

This is the Geveldak Scarf, from her book.  The pattern calls for Kauni yarn which I find scratchy.  I have some mini mochi that I’m going to try.

This is an example of how great mohair works up with the Brioche stitch. 
So many knitting options, and not enough hours in the day!