Knitting outside the box

 My second class at VKLive was Designing Your Own Stitch Patterns with Cookie A.  I knit her Monkey Socks.  I own both her books, Knit. Sock. Love. and Sock Innovation.  I think she’s really talented and love her designs.

 This was really outside my comfort zone and I wasn’t sure if I could just make stitches anywhere and see what happens. The class exercise was to cast on and add different increases, decreases and/or cables where ever the spirit moved you.

Cookie was inspiring and very encouraging.  I figured it was appropriate to wear the sweater I designed for Vogue Knitting Magazine to VKLive.

This is my swatch in progress.  I’m actually quite pleased with myself.  I knit outside the box!  I definitely want to go back to this swatch and see where it takes me.