Great Beginnings

Elizabeth has the thumbs to work with these mittens, it was kind of tricky picking up the stitches from the waste yarn.  She was also swatching for this magnificient Fair Isle sweater, Rosalia, from the Twist Collective Online Magazine.  

She began with a swatch with one motif repeat, then thought better of it and cast on for a swatch that would encompass two motif repeats.  I shared with her my lesson on swatching from Leslye Solomon.  She said that idea had occurred to her before.  Given the amount of work that will go into this sweater, we agreed that this would be a good candidate for washing the swatch.  I have a feeling if she didn’t do it and the sweater changed after washing, we would have to put her on a 24hr watch.

She was also working on the Piega Cowl.  She’s hold a strand of Fibre Company Canopy and Debbie Bliss Angel together.  It is gorgeous!

Lois was working on her alpaca hat.  Her gauge was coming out much tighter than her swatch, she could feel that it was tighter and her hands were cramping.  I suggested the Ribs and Ruffles scarf, she was happy with that because it’s on her favorite needle size, #10.  It’s a free download too.

Cheryl is learning entrelac on the Dianna Shawl.  She’s knitting with Jawoll Magic sock yarn.  I must admit I was complicit in this choice.  I was wearing my Dianna Shawl when Cheryl came into Westport Yarns last week.

Lauren cast on for my Infinity wrap. She’s knitting with Debbie Bliss Paloma yarn.

Great new projects!