Out and About at the Marketplace

With “only” three hours in between classes, I wanted to make the most of wandering around the marketplace. I actually found it more overwhelming than Rhinebeck because all the  booths were packed in so close together.

 I was meeting up with a woman I grew up with as family friends. We recently got reacquainted and learned we shared knitting as a passion.  Even after 30 years, I recognized her.  It’s very special to catch up with someone you knew as a kid.  Where do you even begin with catching up?  We shared some family stories and then walked the marketplace together.  She had arrived earlier in the day and had done her shopping.  I think she also had more discipline than I did.
 I made sure I visited Knitting Central’s booth.  Not surprisingly it was packed. 
I managed to get a quick hug and a picture.  It was really great to see Cynthia and Chloe.
The pillars in the marketplace were yarn-bombed.  They looked colorful and happy.
The yarn mannequins were interesting. I wasn’t sure what to make of them.  It’s kind of cool if you think of them as possibilities.
While wandering around I ran into several Westporters..  I don‘t know what it is, it is  fun to see people out of  context from where you know them.  
Back to the hotel room.  Joe enjoyed a quiet day of  football.  He was thankfully ok with ordering in a New York style pizza and hanging out.  I was totally exhausted even though I was exhilarated from the day.
I  laid out my  treasures for a look – see. 
 I found some great colors for the Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf.  

I’m going to use the pink, blue, and green skeins.  The orange skeins is for another project.

 I picked up this skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock to knit Sushi Ushi Scarf by Nancy Marchant.

 I couldn’t resist this skein of silk laceweight yarn by Claudia Hand Painted yarns.  It has 1,100 yards.  I’m thinking of one of the following patterns:  Nymphaeum by Kerry Milani, Maplewing

I love this little purse.  I have no idea what I’ll put in it, it’s so pretty though.
The marketplace was full of interesting things. There was not enough time to do it justice.