The importance of proper planning, travel math, and a great husband

This year my schedule cooperated with the timing of Vogue Knitting Live.  It’s very exciting for me to take classes with famous knitters, designers, and authors.  I love taking classes.

Before I continue with my Vogue Knitting Live experience, I have to share how I got there – literally traveled to NYC.  I booked myself in the maximum number of classes I could take for two days.   I think on some level (way down deep) I realized that my morning classes started at 8am.  That little fact did not connect to the travel planning portion of this adventure until about a week before.
When I did the travel math, I  learned that I would have to wake uparound 4 am to catch a 5:34 train to arrive in the  city with sufficient time to get to the Hilton and register.  Oh Boy.  I kept this to myself until Friday night when I shared my plans with my husband.  While looking at me like I’d lost my mind, he asked me what I was thinking.  Well, clearly I wasn’t. Awesome husband that he is, he looked into his Marriott points, found a room, and decided to join me.  This all at literally the 11th hour.  I was psyched and relieved to say the very least.  I also had to pack a suitcase AND my class/knitting materials. I get completely stymied when faced with packing a suitcase, even for one night.
Think about this for a minute. it was 11 pm on Friday.  I work all day Saturday until 5.  I have to be ready and packed by 6:30.  We have to be in the city in time to be in a place to watch the 8 pm game.  Just when was I going to pack? I dont know how, but I managed.  A lot of thought had to go into this.  What knitwear would I wear because after all, everyone attending is walking around as a virtual fashion show. 
I got packed by 6:40 and we were on our way.  My daughter told us about a great burger place near where we were staying, 5  Napkin Burger.  That was a good thing since my husband is a burger aficionado. It was a really fun place.  What made it  even better was that the game was on.  We stood around near the tv at the bar waiting for our table buzzer to buzz.
It got better, two seats opened up at the bar. We decided to eat at the bar in full view of the game.  It was great.  We had such a good time.  We had appetizers. He had the original burger and I had a blackened shrimp salad.  We split a delicious chocolate peanut butter milk shake.  THEN, when  we thought it couldn’t get  get any better, we learned our neighbors were only a few blocks away and walked over to have a drink with us.
All in all a great start to the weekend, even if  no knitting took place.