Think Hokey Pokey Meets Crazy Eights and Gin Rummy

What would women from three different types of groups (gardening, book club, and knitting) be doing together on a Friday Morning?  Well, I can tell you it wasn’t to see if we could garden, read, and knit at the same time.

We gathered together to learn how to play Mahjong.We’ve been talking about it for a long time.  Robin sparked the idea and we were all in.  We’ve been looking for a teacher when we learned that Leslie, a newcomer to Stitch and Chat plays.
Robin had emailed us all the basic rules for the American rules.  The first time I attempted to read it, I quickly closed it and marked it as “unread”.  However, I decided that before showing up I should do “due diligence” and read the rules.  Oy!  Better to learn hands on.
Leslie was a great teacher. She handled our random questions with ease and was very patient with us.  Once we established that IQ’s were not a factor, the general outlook was to just have fun with it. 

Think Hokey Pokey Meets Crazy Eights and  Gin Rummy.  The rules are just whacky.  The only way to really learn them will be by repetition and I’m looking forward to it.  It was a fun group of women.

Random cute puppy picture.