Begin Again, Ripping Back is Hard to Do.

 Lauren is nearly done with her first skein of Lima for her ribbed scarf.  Although she may feel it’s slowing going, it’s coming out beautifully and that’s the important thing.

 Sunaina is nearly done with hat #2 in Plymouth Baby Alpaca Chunky.

 Shirley’s poncho is progressing nicely in the Lang Mosaico (I forgot what the pattern is).

 Elizabeth’s family really likes my Kipp Cap, 
I’m delighted to say.  
 The pattern is almost ready for publication.

 Linda was chugging along on her Patterned Kimono Jacket.  Unortunately, her stitch count was off – she added a few stitches somewhere along the line and that threw off the pattern.  We had to rip back a few rows and now she’s back on track.  I think the slip stitch pattern looks really interesting.

 Donna joined us today.  She’s come back to knitting and her goal is to knit a sampler blanket.  In the interim, she’s learning different stitches using the perpetual calendar.

Today she learned out to knit Continental and also a basic lace stitch.  Well done!

Diane was working on a Comfy Hooded Scarf, she was off a couple of stitches and that threw HER pattern off.  She had ripped it out 3 times already.  All 200 plus stitches.  She was a little on the edge, so I ripped back and found her stitches and did the first lace row to make sure it was coming out right.  No pictures today. I couldn’t find the pattern to link off of Ravelry.

Lois was joining in the round on her new hat, only to discover that she was on a 24″ versus 16″ needle.  That pretty much stopped her in her tracks.

Sunaina and Lauren are going to have a mutual color intervention the next time they pick out a project.  For Lauren, it’s to step away from the neutral colors.  For Sunaina, it’s to pick a yarn in any color but red.  I want to be there for that.