Happy New Year

Here we are, at the beginning of the year 2012.  Time to make all those resolutions with the best of intentions:  lose weight, get organized, spend more time with family, etc.  Why should knitting/crocheting be any different?

Last year I had resolved to have no more than 4 projects on my hooks or needles at a time.  I was able to maintain that standard for 3/4 of the year.  Around October, the call of all the fall yarns and patterns became too much for me.  That coupled with 11th hour holiday knitting put me way over the top.

So once again, I sit here and consider what New Year’s Resolutions I want to make.

I have to admit that having only four active projects at a time was far more productive than I could’ve imagined.  So, to the best of my self-control (notice I didn’t say ability because that has nothing to do with it), here is my plan:

Four projects active at a time. 

Of those four, at least one if not two of them from stash (it could happen).

Go through stash and pair yarn with projects and put them in ziploc bags so that they are ready to pick up.

Keep a list with me of stash yarn/yardage and stashed patterns so that when I shop I can start out with a plan.  There will always be random acts of unexpected yarn that I must have.

Treat my knitting needles and crochet hooks like a library system and keep a note with needle cases leaving a trail of breadcrumbs as to where my needles are (what projects they are in).

Have a basic notions kit in each part of the house I tend to knit in and the knitting bags with those four projects.  I certainly accumulated enough duplicates of notions to accomplish this.

Take clear, legible notes in one notebook with recognizable short hand.

Write down all my unfinished projects and rotate them into the magic number 4.

Now I need to get some rest.  I’m exhausted just thinking about what I’ve resolved to do.