When you’ve made a dog’s breakfast of your knitting.

 Sunaina and I had some catching up to do with her projects.  With her Miley’s T, she had put one of the side gussets in the wrong place.  We ripped it back to where the side gussets are established and set them up again. The yarn is Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool (dk).  This is a great sweater that both of us would knit again.

 This is the Square Neck Tee she started last summer in Nashua Daylily yarn.  Knitting the individual pieces was very straightforward.  When you join them in the round to knit them together into the yoke, it got more fiddly.  We took it out, laid it out, and began again.  Much better this go around.

At one point, Sunaina exclaimed that she had made a “dog’s breakfast” of her knitting.  Some of us had heard the expression before, some had not.  We debated the possible meanings.  Here is the definition. Incidentally, she really hadn’t made a dog’s breakfast of it.

During the course of the morning she finished her first hat, my Simple & Easy Hat for the Whole Family in Plymouth Baby Alpaca Chunky. She loved the yarn and plans on making herself a red hat. I love happy finished project pictures.

 Elizabeth’s husband gave her this really unique gift.  It’s a scarf made out of strands of yarn

 that are attached to a ring the way you would attach fringe. 

 I definitely want to try this with left over Prism Stuff or just plain leftovers of favorite yarns.

 Her grandson joined us today, wearing is Christmas socks.  He had his knitting with him,

however he was too caught up in finishing this intricate Lego structure.

 Lois was swatching with Plymouth Baby Alpaca Chunky Glitter to knit the Wilted Warlock Hat.  By the end of the morning she had her needle size.

 Cheryl shared this awesome cross-stitch baby blanket.  Would you believe this was her first foray into cross-stitch?  Years ago I tried cross-stitch.  I believe I finished one or two gifts.  I started a blanket like this one and gave it, in progress with all it’s trimmings, to one of my cousins to finish and do with what she pleased.

 It’s even back with a soft fleece.  Lucky baby!

Oh, and she also finished Leah’s Throw knit with Jojoland yarns.  You used the yarn the pattern actually called for, what a novel idea!

As a footnote, we talked about the holiday knits we gave and how they were received.  I was referred to the Yarn Harlot’s post on just this subject.  I believe this should be included in gifts in the future.