When Harry met Boris.

I have the best daughters ever!  They got me a dog for Hanukkah!  (Sadly we had to put our Golden down two months ago and they knew I wanted another dog.)

 What else do you name a dog given on Hanukkah, but Hanukkah Harry.  Harry for short.  He came complete with a singing dreidel.

Harry is a 5 month old, mostly pointer, rescue dog from North Carolina that found it’s way to our local Humane Society.

He is a total love.  We do have to move all manner of things to high ground.  He tried to make off with a ball of yarn already.  We had a bit of a chat about that. 

He does cut into my knitting time, I’ll have to work on that.  On a knitting note, I did manage to finish one Hanukkah present, Honey Cowl knit with Schaefer Nichole fingering weight yarn. You have to work 3 rows of reverse stockinette at the end before binding off and I made it with that little bit of yarn left. I hung it on her coat as a surprise.  Of course the weather isn’t warm enough for a coat, so she didn’t notice.  The little bugger!

The rest of the family got the promise of knits to come.  They were good with that.