Do you know where your ponytail is?

Mary made the best entrance of all time.  If you recall, her hair is short.  
She and Michelle have both been knitting Laura’s pattern, “To be a Cowl or a Hat”.  
 Michelle has been modelling hers with her ponytail coming out the drawstring of the hat/cowl.
Not to be outdone, Mary came in today sporting her own ponytail, 
courtesy of Claire’s Accessory Shop.  She looked awesome!
Mary also finished her Trendsetter Improv scarf.
She’s nearly finished with her Sea Lettuce scarf in Blue Heron Rayon Metallic.
Robin and I worked out how to make the Berroco Lacey scarf with a little help from Elizabeth.  
I learned an important lesson.  Robin responds very well to (knitting) budgets and deadlines.  Her “homework” was to knit at least an inch a day.  She darn near finished the whole glove!  Oh, Robin, let’s talk about your alpaca sweater…..
Elizabeth knit a hat in Berroco Flicker.

to match the fingerless gloves, Susie’s Reading Mitts.  I know I said it before, I love this glove, it’s so feminine without being frilly girly.

After reading my post about the green sweater and Spirit Fiber Works yarn, Elizabeth pulled out a skein of her own (from the same dyer).  
She has sweater yardage in her stash and was considering making the same sweater, however the weight of the yarn isn’t right for the pattern. I suggested Corinne, which would be perfect.  Did I mention she has 3 buttons from Moving Mud that match perfectly?

I was delighted to have Sunaina join us today.  We haven’t seen her in months. (You can see we stretched out a little bit today.)  It was great to catch up with her life and her knitting projects.

She’s knitting my Simple & Easy Hat in Plymouth Alpaca Chunky.
Shirley finished sewing one side of Sophia’s sweater,
then she took a deep breath and readied the other side for seaming.

Leslie learned how to cable in the fingerless gloves she’s making, Lynn Wilson Designs, Matt’s Mitts. The combination of double pointed needles and cabling was not too much fun. I know by the end of
the glove she’ll have it perfectly.  It’s just a balancing act.


I had my cowl out for random rows and when I looked down I noticed that the rows I knit this morning look like someone with a completely different gauge knit them. Even looser than I normally knit. Go figure. I’m going forward though, nothing a little blocking won’t cure, remember it’s like blaming any baby stuff on teething. It will block out!