What’s on my needles these days…

I’m working on way too many things at once. All my project discipline has gone out the window when faced with the best season for knitters. It’s like being really good at your diet and then going to a series of parties with all your favorite foods. Resistance is futile.

I’m working on a sample for my new fingerless gloves pattern, Glovely. The yarn is Mirasol Hacho.  I’ll have the pattern up on Ravelry soon. 

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the Westport Yarns knit-a-long, Lazy Katy. I’m knitting mine in Jawoll Magic Degrade. 

My family doesn’t tell me what they want for their holiday knit gifts until literally the 11th hour.  One of my kids wants an infinity scarf.  Thankfully I had some stash that would do. It’s the Honey Cowl knit with Schaefer Nichole.  The pattern calls for dk weight, however there were other ravelers who used fingering weight and I used their notes.  I love Ravelry!

The color doesn’t look like this,  it looks more like the big picture.  I must have over exposed the picture.  I would probably do this pattern over again for myself.

This is the (totally) tubular scarf that is my emergency knitting.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Angel.

Then of course, there is my fun-house project, Krazy Kurti that deserves blog posts of it’s own.  I’m sure there are other projects lurking about in baskets and bags but we won’t talk about that now.