Budgeting your Knitting and Cheaters (not the glasses).

Shirley arrived with Sophia in tow, modelling her lovely, perfect, red hat.

Elizabeth made an entrance wearing her (Berroco) Lacey scarf that she made in an hour.  Lacey is one of these “newfangled yarns” that aren’t really knitting or crochet.  You’re just shirring up the yarn with either knitting needles or a crochet hook.  Robin and Elizabeth call this type of knitting/yarn “cheaters”.  I like that.  Serious fast food knitting.  Robin and Mary promptly expressed their interest in making it too. 

Elizabeth is swatching for the my new hat design and giving me very helpful suggestions as she tests the pattern. 

 The yarn is Rowan Lima.

Mary is working on Laura’s “To be a Hat or a Cowl”.  She’s knitting hers in Mirasol Hacho (which is what the pattern calls for).

She’s totally got the hang of her Trendsetter Improv (another newfangled yarn) scarf.
Robin is working on an arm warmer for her husband.  This is her first time knitting with fingering yarn and size 0 needles.  Suffice to say she is not enjoying it and wonders how us loose knitters tolerate it.  We did the knitting math, and to finish this before the end of 2011, 
she’ll have to knit an inch a day.  One inch equals 13 rows.  
Lauren has knit about 4 more inches since this picture.  We may have to do the knitting math for her as well.  Kind of a knitting budget.  Otherwise she’s projecting December 2013 at the rate she’s going.
Shirley finished swatching for her poncho in Lang Mosaico.

And this is what happens when you ask to take a picture of a lovely little girl who has had her fill of knitting group 🙂.  Shirley is sewing the perfect red sweater she’s knitting and Sophia is modelling it.