Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

That was the song Linda was singing when she made her entrance today. An oldie but a goodie.

Shirley finished sewing one sleeve to her daughter’s sweater and began on the other sleeve.  It’s coming along beautifully.  So well that she is going to swatch for a poncho for herself in Lang Mosaico. 

Diane is knitting a lovely feather and fan baby blanket for her niece.  The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash Sport.  This yarn is great, it’s both machine washable and goes in the dryer (and doesn’t come out a miniature of it’s former self).

Linda sent me a cryptic email before coming today.  Something about showing me something she did, that wasn’t good.  She started knitting a new sweater, The Patterned Kimono Jacket.

It wasn’t as bad as she thought. In the pattern there are 4 rows that make the raised bit and 10 stockinette rows.  She started the pattern row on the row side and the raised bit showed up on the wrong side.  A simple fix and she was back in business.

On a super positive note, she wore her red vest to church recently and after the service a woman came over and not only complimented her but asked if she made it.  Linda said she was proud to say she did and just beamed.  That makes my day.

Michelle was swatching for Laura’s new pattern, “To be a Cowl or a Hat”.  It’s a terrific pattern and I plan on making it too. In the same yarn and colorway.  The yarn is Mirasol Hacho.  This colorway is so “not me” and I love it.

Lois is almost at the halfway point of her Gypsy Tank.  She’s hoping it fits.  I suggested she run a spare needle through it so she can try it on. 

This is cool.  Last year Michelle and I both bought Great Adirondack 342 Superwash.  I knit mine into Gaptastic and it is fantastic (I couldn’t resist).  I suggested it to Michelle.  Look how cool it came out!!! Isn’t that AWESOME?  She somehow hit the magic number to make the yarn pattern the way it was dyed.  Really, really cool.