Movie Night

I hope people will read this and say, “Oh good, someone else does that too”. If not, pretend.

On my way home from work Saturday night, I checked in with my husband to see if there was anything going on. He told me we had been invited to the movies with another couple. For most people this is a good thing. They get excited. For a knitter like me, it means losing knitting time. Besides that, the thought of sitting still that long (without knitting) makes me twitchy.

Of course I said yes. My husband would go crazy if I said, “Um, no, I have to knit tonight.” He would reply, “What makes that different from any other night?” (No, it’s not Passover.)

All the way through food shopping for a quick dinner I racked my brain for something I could knit in the dark. While waiting on line to check out, I was totally spacing out looking at Ravelry. I didn’t even hear when the cashier in a different line called me over. Talk about totally absorbed.

On the drive home, I continued to flip through the mental collection of projects in my mind. I thought about calling my sister for suggestions. (Drive was too short, Nan, or I would have.)

I put dinner in the oven while watching the clock to see how much time I had.

I considered the January Scarf, perfect for dark knitting. No dk. (I later learned you can use fingering yarn.)

Rasta (Malabrigo) Neckwarmer : Nope, easy to knit, however too many rows to keep track of.

Going crazy, almost frantic. Watching the minutes tick by. It must be something I don’t have to swatch. I know, sacrilege.

I looked through all my bins of projects that are ready to go. None of them are movie theater worthy. Reminds me of “Seinfeld and sponge worthy“. I digress, I ramble, this was stressful.

We met the rep from Rowan today and she was wearing this great scarf, super easy. We literally took the scarf off her neck. Five different skeins of Kid Silk Haze.
I remembered I had a couple of skeins of Debbie Bliss Angel. Relief flooded over me. I exhaled, grabbed needles, began casting on.

The movie we saw was Tower Heist, funny and light. My friends didn’t comment when I took out my knitting and knit through the movie. I love my friends!
In the final knitting analysis, there were a few stitch anomaly’s and one dropped stitch. The good news is that the sticky mohair fibers caught it safe and sound.

Note to self, keep a movie theater project at the ready.