Don’t Go Home Without Gauging

Shirley finished knitting all the pieces of her daughter’s sweater. Instead of binding off for the shoulders on the front and back, I had her leave them live. She learned a 3-needle bind off to knit her shoulders closed.

Linda decided to swatch for her new sweater, Plymouth Pattern 1945, Patterned Kimono Jacket. It’s definitely a novel approach. 😉
Elizabeth is just over halfway done with her Debbie Bliss Big Shrug, knit in Debbie Bliss Angel. She went renegade and didn’t swatch before beginning. We just had to measure after hearing that. The pattern calls for 18/4″ and she’s getting 16/4″. It looks beautiful and she might just adjust the length of the shrug.
Diane has been knitting the Flared Jacket knit with Bergere Eclair. She’s in a real quandary. Her gauge was right on, the size was right, and the sweater came out too small. She’s going to soak it for a while and block it really hard to see if she can size it up a bit.

She also knit this adorable baby hat gift.

Michelle’s Split Cable Wimple looks beautiful. What a fantastic gift this will be.
I love how Mary’s Sea Lettuce Scarf is progressing. She took a class at Westport Yarns with Julie.