Bodega Scarf

I’ve decided that into each week a little fast food (knitting) should take place. You know the kind of instant gratification you get from small projects and/or bulky yarn.

Last week’s fast food knitting project was Gap-tastic. Love it!This week we got in Trendsetter’s Bodega yarn. It’s along the lines of KFI’s Flounce yarn. I like this one better. The vibrant colors are awesome and I like the texture. You’re neither knitting or crocheting this scarf. You use a hook or needle to shirr up the mesh of the yarn fabric. I used a crochet hook, it was much simpler.
In the pattern and a how to video, they make the ruffle along one edge. I made my ruffle through the middle and got a double ruffle.
The best part is that I worked on this in between basting the turkey on Thanksgiving. Without interruption it would only take about 20 minutes. Oh! One skein provides enough yarn for two pretty long scarves.

That’s what I call fast food knitting. Far more satisfying than the food version! I’m already pondering next week’s fast food.