I’ve spent a lot of time in waiting rooms this week. I pack my knitting bag for waiting rooms much the same way I pack travel knitting. In a nutshell, way more than I can humanly knit in the time period I have. There are very good reasons for this. Invariably any of the following can happen:
1. You forget a key tool to the project.
2. You run into a problem on the project and have to stop.
3. You get bored with one project because you are waiting longer than expected.

I brought Schaefer Elaine, a super bulky yarn, to knit a buttoned scarf.

My Lima top down comfy sweater. Happily I am on the last skein for the front then I can proceed with the sleeves or the collar.
A future draft choice of a cowl that will have Louisa Harding Grace (a silk/wool blend) as the top and bottom and Malabrigo Angora as the center.

The interesting thing about waiting rooms are the looks and comments you get. Some people smile and then continue to smile/stare. These people have a question/comment they really want to share. It’s only a matter of time.

In one particular waiting room there was a smiler/starer. She watched me knit and we continued to smile/stare at eachother. The nurse came looking for “Pam – the knitter”. I was easy to find. After we addressed the important patient information (everything is good), she chatted me up about knitting. She was a knitter herself and long story short, she’s going to come into the shop.

This gave the smiler/starer the window she was looking for. She came over and explained that she too had knit years ago, fair isle! Needless to say, a collected another knitter into the fold.

Both woman said they would come in if they had time. Time is a funny thing. I explained that knitting is very soothing and was worth making time for.

I hope to see both of them sometime soon. You know knitting is going to be stuck in their mind!