The Lady in Red

I’ll begin with the end, because it warrants full press. Linda showed up as we were finishing up today and she looked simply gorgeous!
She knit this vest with yarn from her mother’s stash. Here she stands proudly wearing her vest adorned with a matching shawl pin. Again, simply gorgeous.
Shirley finished the back of her daughter’s sweater and is onto the fronts. We talked about what a pattern means when they say reverse shaping on the second front of the cardigan and wrote it out.
Diane found a pattern for bulky mittens and she’s using Misti Alpaca Handpaints Chunky. She was concerned that it’s coming out too large. She is getting gauge, so I can only figure that the pattern is written for someone with big hands. Diane is knitting it for her daughter who has small hands, so we took out about 8 sts and modified the pattern a bit.
Michelle was also knitting with Misti Alpaca Handpaints Chunky. She’s knitting the free one skein scarf pattern, Ribs and Ruffles.
She finished all the pieces of her Mirasol Nuna sweater. It was time to sew the shoulders so she could pick up and knit the front bands. Since this is not her favorite thing, I pinned the shoulders together, matching up the ribs.
Lynn joined us today. She’s knitting the Inside Out Baby Blanket, similar to the one Elizabeth recently finished, where you start in the center and work outwards. Lynn was having trouble getting it going since it’s really fiddly in the beginning. After a couple of rounds, it took shape and was much easier to manage.