You’ve Got Mail!

I’ve always loved getting mail (the good kind of course, not bills/junk mail). The BEST kind is getting yarn in the mail!

While at Rhinebeck we visited a vendor new to Rhinebeck, Dancing Leaf Farm. We each bought a couple of skeins of their yarn.
There was one yarn called Hustle that I loved and decided to think about over night. As the name suggests, I should’ve hustled. When we went back the next day, there were not enough skeins for a sweater.

I had decided that this yarn would be perfect to knit another Corinne sweater. The yarn also became an early birthday present from my parents (thanks Mom & Dad)! It would look completely different in this variegated yarn. What’s more, it was a completely different colorway than I usually go for.

They were able to take an order for it and I picked out a skein that really showed the depth of color I wanted them to mimic. As I know very well, when hand dyeing yarn, there can be serious variations. It was a risk and it paid off.
Dalis, the owner/operator, skeined it up into 2 large skeins instead of 6 smaller ones. That’s awesome! Far fewer strands to weave in when it is all said and done. I am thoroughly delighted with the outcome and look forward to knitting with it.