The Best Part is Not Having to Rip it Out

Almost everyone had power back. It took 4 days for some. Linda still is waiting. 🙁 She stopped by without her knitting to commiserate and we all had power/generators. It was very dissatisfying for her!

Lois was finishing up her last shaping row, for Gypsy, and now she’ll have 13-14″ of uninterrupted mindless knitting!
Mary is doing an awesome job with the Spindrift Scarf, the yarn is Ella Rae Lace Merino. She took a class at Westport Yarns.
Michelle was away for a couple of weeks, making what she thought was great progress. That was until she realized that she selectively read the pattern and took some creative license. She was freaked that she might have to rip out the whole front, all 25″ of it!

What you’re looking at in the picture above is one of the fronts lying on top of the back. I dare you to find a difference!

She flipped the pattern rows and instead of knitting even on one row, she worked the pattern stitch and purled even on the purl row. The end result is that there is no discernible difference. It didn’t change the look of the pattern, it would only have affected her gauge.

Huge sigh of relief!
TADA! Elizabeth finished her afghan and it looks fantastic! I love it!

Diane is gauge shy after knitting a sweater where her gauge loosened up drastically from her swatch. She finished one sleeve of her Flared Jacket knit with Bergere Eclair and wanted to check her gauge. She continues to knit on track.